I gave this place five stars because, first, the west side needs a dine-in chinese restaurant.
I came in with my bf and we sat down at a booth. A waitress quickly approached and asked as what we want to drink. I got a Planter’s Punch and my bf got a Maitai. My Planters punch could get a little more alcohol taste to it, but it was much better than other restaurants, especially chen’s Restuarant, which is where I usually go. My bf said Maitai was really awesome and that they were one of a kind.
Then when we ordered, I got a bean curd thing and had it without pork. My bf ordered the CS17, the general gao’s with chicken finger. He said the chicken is very good and made successfully. My bean curd was DELICIOUS. We later also ordered a Peking Ravioli to try. A boy who looked 13 got as a sauce called ginger sauce and he described it very well. As soon as the ravioli came out, we were so glad we ordered it. It was filled with pork and the ginger was IRRESISTIBLE. We were so happy.
Our check was light and they gave as a 15% discount because there grand opening was recently.
I highly recommend ANYONE who is seeking for a great Chinese restaurant!

– Makayla B from Londonderry, NH, 9/7/2014

Golden Tao opened in the former Hillview Restaurant in Gosselin Plaza on Amory Street. This full service Chinese restaurant serves up the standard dishes and items plus hot pot dishes including Mandarin, Szechuan, and Private Home cuisine. Most dishes priced under $12 and 25 All Day Combinations ($4.75-$9.75) served with pork fried rice, appetizer(s) and choice of soup (dine in only) are offered. Beer offered here.
I stopped in here recently for sitdown dinner. The atmosphere here still sort of feels like eating at the former Hillview which has booths and a few stools at the counter in a clean casual dining room. I was seated promptly at a booth and offered a beverage (I got a pot of hot tea complementary). After the tea was brought over, I immediately ordered the CS21 Pork Lo Mein with Pork Fried Rice, 1 Appetizer (2 Beef Teriyaki Sticks) and Hot & Sour Soup. However, the soup took about 8 minutes to be served, which came in a small bowl (similar to a cup of soup).
The hot & sour soup was not too spicy, but it was not served very hot temperature-wise. The main entree came out shortly after and good portion of food served hot with the lo mein dish and beef teriyakis on one plate and the pork fried rice served in a separate small bowl. The food tasted good and not greasy. The fried rice (short grain and very soft texture-look liked sticky rice, but not) had a mix of roast pork pieces (some fat) with green onions and traces of egg. The lo mein had carrots, green onions, cabbage, and tender sweet roast pork strips in soft noodles. The beef teriyakis were soft and tender with a sweet flavor.
Overall, the food tasted good and it was not greasy either. The staff seemed friendly and polite. I’d return again if I happen to be in the neighborhood.

– Ian W., Pelham, NH, 9/3/2014